"Welkome to Ukraine". 2001. November

Natalia Stepanenko.

"Kyiv Music Fest

The first music festival of this series was held in 1990. By 2001 its scope has considerably grown with both Ukrainian and foreign musicians taking part.

This year the Kyiv Music Fest performances were held in the best concert halls of Kyiv of the National Philharmonic society, Ukraine House, the Tchaikovsky Music Conservatory and others. Music observers called the ten-day festival "a major music event of the year".

During the festival 34 concerts were given by 5 symphonic orchestras, 5 chamber orchestras, 10 choirs, piano duets and soloists. Classical music performances included works by many Ukrainian, Russian and foreign composers from the eighteenth century down to the twentieth.

Avant-garde music and jazz were also played at the festival. Most of the musicians and performers were high class and practically all the perfomances drew the capacity crowds. The audiences were to a large extent made up of the Kyiv cultural elite and numerous guests.

The American RDM Company owned by Roman and Dmitry Metz, US citizens of Ukrainian extraction, presented 20 valuable violins to the festival.

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